Monday, January 15, 2007


Here's a picture from outside the front window. You can see all the snow. We had a lot of it and I don't like it. Every time I want out I remember the snow when I get to the door and turn around.
Mom only has to do the ramp and sidewalk in town, the neighbors do the driveway. She gets so tired just doing that. This is the first official snow storm of the winter. Dad talked to Grandma in MO and they had another ice storm, the second one of the year. We are so glad they are ok, the road to their house is a steep hill. If you try to go down it when it's slippery you could fall off the road. You can't even drive back up it when it's got ice on it.
I am spending the day in front of the fire. It's nice and warm there. I might go out when Dad gets some more corn and wood, but I might stay in, don't know. He says it is still snowing and we could get another inch or so before it's all done.
On a sad note, Mom's little friend passed away last week. She was 16. Mom worked with her for 5 years in the schools before she had to quit because of back problems. Her funeral is today. Mom will miss her but knows she is whole now and in no pain.
Time to check and see if there is still snow out there. Bug Hugs LB

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Toto said...

Hi Ladybug, I'm from Waterloo Iowa and I,m sure glad all the snow is gone now. Wags and Licks Toto