Saturday, February 03, 2007

Anyone got some HEAT?

They don't need. The windchill factor is now currently -28. BURRRRRRR Good thing the stove is keeping me warm and cozy, but I don't even want to go outside and do my business. Can't they make indoor toilets for doggies? Not those stupid little pads, I just chew them up. I want flushable ones, just like hoomans.

Mom is coming out tonight. She said she is wearing extra clothes and stuff to stay warm in the cold weather. In fact they should be coming soon, better make this short.

Just really wanted to know if there was any spare heat around that you could give me to warm up Iowa. If you do, then please ship our way since the weather person says it's going to be frigid for the necxt serveral days. They haven't taken off the wind chill advisory. Help.

Later, bug hugs Ladybug

Friday, February 02, 2007


Can anyone say cold? The weather outside is frightfully cold. Not sure who left the freezer door open but they can close it. The temperature thingy has quit blinking on the computer so the windchill advisory must be over. I am quite warm here next to the fire.

Mom's been babysitting these cats for a friend. They were suppose to be her one night and now we are on week 2. The cats are nice, one even got two dead mice from somewhere. There are two girls and a boy. I haven't gotten to see them cause they are in town and I am stuck at the acreage. The cats have to go soon since Mom will be moving out here with me. She would love to take the cats out here but they are only inside cats and dad says cats on the farm belong outside. Oh, there is also a bird in the mix that Steve is going to take when he leaves. His name is Rover, go figure. A bird named after a dog.

Well, guess it's time to get something done around here. The cats are staying out of the cold, Rollie is going to the shed to stay warm. I might as well sit by the fire and keep it going for dad. Mom told me she is coming out to see me Saturday night, better clean up the toys.

Catch you on the flip side. Bug hugs, Ladybug