Friday, June 08, 2007

Vacation time is coming

Man, I can't believe it is that time of year again. The last time I was here the temps were in the negative numbers. Now it's time for vacation and the grandkids. Mom and Dad and I are leaving next week to go to Michigan and Ohio. They are going to a race while I lounge at an air conditioned kennel right next to the race track. Then we are going to leave and visit the grandkids in Ohio, and the kids of course. We got a new moving house to go camping in style. It's what dad calls a 5th wheel, with a slide out in the living room. Makes it huge. The size of the bedroom is the size our entire old camper was. I can run from one end of this camper to the other, look out the windows, bark and run back. It's fun.

Mom has been staying with me since she is no longer working. She and the place where she worked came to a mutual agreement about her leaving. She just couldn't do something she didn't like. She has been sick this week, just now starting to feel a little better. Says food doesn't even sound good to her. How can anyone NOT like food. Geesh.

I have been a very good dog lately. For the first time ever, mom took the door off the kennel I sleep in at night while in the camper. I didn't make any peeing mistakes or anything. Now she has the top off. I love it since I can now sleep with her and dad in bed. Course, they have to give me all the covers. HAHA. Maybe I will be able to stay out of the kennel for good when they are home. Bet that won't work for when they are gone. Darn

I also was awarded the title of Princess of Snoopdom at I ran for queen, but didn't make it. Now I am a true princess of what I rule.

Guess I'd better let mom rest for a while. She is still a little weak and needs to rest.

Bug Hugs Princess Ladybug LB for short.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Anyone got some HEAT?

They don't need. The windchill factor is now currently -28. BURRRRRRR Good thing the stove is keeping me warm and cozy, but I don't even want to go outside and do my business. Can't they make indoor toilets for doggies? Not those stupid little pads, I just chew them up. I want flushable ones, just like hoomans.

Mom is coming out tonight. She said she is wearing extra clothes and stuff to stay warm in the cold weather. In fact they should be coming soon, better make this short.

Just really wanted to know if there was any spare heat around that you could give me to warm up Iowa. If you do, then please ship our way since the weather person says it's going to be frigid for the necxt serveral days. They haven't taken off the wind chill advisory. Help.

Later, bug hugs Ladybug

Friday, February 02, 2007


Can anyone say cold? The weather outside is frightfully cold. Not sure who left the freezer door open but they can close it. The temperature thingy has quit blinking on the computer so the windchill advisory must be over. I am quite warm here next to the fire.

Mom's been babysitting these cats for a friend. They were suppose to be her one night and now we are on week 2. The cats are nice, one even got two dead mice from somewhere. There are two girls and a boy. I haven't gotten to see them cause they are in town and I am stuck at the acreage. The cats have to go soon since Mom will be moving out here with me. She would love to take the cats out here but they are only inside cats and dad says cats on the farm belong outside. Oh, there is also a bird in the mix that Steve is going to take when he leaves. His name is Rover, go figure. A bird named after a dog.

Well, guess it's time to get something done around here. The cats are staying out of the cold, Rollie is going to the shed to stay warm. I might as well sit by the fire and keep it going for dad. Mom told me she is coming out to see me Saturday night, better clean up the toys.

Catch you on the flip side. Bug hugs, Ladybug

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snow, snow and more snow

Once it decided to snow, it's not going to stop. Last weekend we had a snowstorm on Sunday and Monday. This weekend we have another storm that is suppose to hit Sunday and bring up to 5 inches of the white stuff. Geesh, I only wanted a white Christmas, enough is enough.

Mom is excited today and so am I. She gets to come out with dad and spend the night. Then she will go back with him in the morning when he goes to work. I haven't seen her in furever. I talk to her on the phone. She also got a new job. So now she can come out more often cause she has money for gas. That will be fun to have her come out a lot.

Guess I'd better go and pick up my toys before mom gets here. I don't want her falling over stuff and getting mad. I just want to kiss her and snuggle with her and stuff like that.

Here's a question for you. What is your favorite toy of all times? Bug Hugs, Ladybug

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cold here

Still cold, and it's snowing again. I wonder if that means we will have a long winter now that it decided to show up.

Dad is doing great at keeping the stove going. He doesn't want the house to get too cold and the fishies to get too cold in the fish tank. I love to sleep in front of it, even bring my toys up and make sure they stay warm too.

Mom might get to come out this weekend. She is so ready to get her son moved and into his own place. They just seem to rub the wrong way when she wants him to help in the house. They have an appointment next Wednesday to see the house and meet the roommates. Hope it don't snow so they can get there.

I have been so good lately. Just run dad crazy when he comes home cause I didn't get to go outside. Then I relax and sleep in front of the fire.

My friends Austin and Fancy are still struggling with their cancer. Fancy goes in next week for another round of chemo. Austin had to have some tests done and I don't know the results yet. We have a special chant for them. It's "die cancer, die arooooooooo". We keep chanting it every day to scare the cancer away from them. We also light candles and say prayers with our paws crossed every night. They are on the Dogster Snoop Dog Beagleys.

Fancy is also going to get married to Baron in March. They made the anouncement last night. They are the second couple to get married this year. Scooter and Oz got married in a beautiful ceremony January 1st. I wish both couples the best.

Guess I'd better go and check on the cats to make sure they are warm and not trying to get into the house. Stay warm and keep Austin and Fancy in your prayers. "Die, cancer, die arooooooooooo" Ladybug

Monday, January 15, 2007


Here's a picture from outside the front window. You can see all the snow. We had a lot of it and I don't like it. Every time I want out I remember the snow when I get to the door and turn around.
Mom only has to do the ramp and sidewalk in town, the neighbors do the driveway. She gets so tired just doing that. This is the first official snow storm of the winter. Dad talked to Grandma in MO and they had another ice storm, the second one of the year. We are so glad they are ok, the road to their house is a steep hill. If you try to go down it when it's slippery you could fall off the road. You can't even drive back up it when it's got ice on it.
I am spending the day in front of the fire. It's nice and warm there. I might go out when Dad gets some more corn and wood, but I might stay in, don't know. He says it is still snowing and we could get another inch or so before it's all done.
On a sad note, Mom's little friend passed away last week. She was 16. Mom worked with her for 5 years in the schools before she had to quit because of back problems. Her funeral is today. Mom will miss her but knows she is whole now and in no pain.
Time to check and see if there is still snow out there. Bug Hugs LB

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

K9 Amber alert

This link was on Snoop Dogg Beagleys today. It is an amber alert for dogs. If your dog is dognapped or runs away from your house you can list it here, post pictures, whatever. Thought you would like to know.