Friday, June 08, 2007

Vacation time is coming

Man, I can't believe it is that time of year again. The last time I was here the temps were in the negative numbers. Now it's time for vacation and the grandkids. Mom and Dad and I are leaving next week to go to Michigan and Ohio. They are going to a race while I lounge at an air conditioned kennel right next to the race track. Then we are going to leave and visit the grandkids in Ohio, and the kids of course. We got a new moving house to go camping in style. It's what dad calls a 5th wheel, with a slide out in the living room. Makes it huge. The size of the bedroom is the size our entire old camper was. I can run from one end of this camper to the other, look out the windows, bark and run back. It's fun.

Mom has been staying with me since she is no longer working. She and the place where she worked came to a mutual agreement about her leaving. She just couldn't do something she didn't like. She has been sick this week, just now starting to feel a little better. Says food doesn't even sound good to her. How can anyone NOT like food. Geesh.

I have been a very good dog lately. For the first time ever, mom took the door off the kennel I sleep in at night while in the camper. I didn't make any peeing mistakes or anything. Now she has the top off. I love it since I can now sleep with her and dad in bed. Course, they have to give me all the covers. HAHA. Maybe I will be able to stay out of the kennel for good when they are home. Bet that won't work for when they are gone. Darn

I also was awarded the title of Princess of Snoopdom at I ran for queen, but didn't make it. Now I am a true princess of what I rule.

Guess I'd better let mom rest for a while. She is still a little weak and needs to rest.

Bug Hugs Princess Ladybug LB for short.