Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cold here

Still cold, and it's snowing again. I wonder if that means we will have a long winter now that it decided to show up.

Dad is doing great at keeping the stove going. He doesn't want the house to get too cold and the fishies to get too cold in the fish tank. I love to sleep in front of it, even bring my toys up and make sure they stay warm too.

Mom might get to come out this weekend. She is so ready to get her son moved and into his own place. They just seem to rub the wrong way when she wants him to help in the house. They have an appointment next Wednesday to see the house and meet the roommates. Hope it don't snow so they can get there.

I have been so good lately. Just run dad crazy when he comes home cause I didn't get to go outside. Then I relax and sleep in front of the fire.

My friends Austin and Fancy are still struggling with their cancer. Fancy goes in next week for another round of chemo. Austin had to have some tests done and I don't know the results yet. We have a special chant for them. It's "die cancer, die arooooooooo". We keep chanting it every day to scare the cancer away from them. We also light candles and say prayers with our paws crossed every night. They are on the Dogster Snoop Dog Beagleys.

Fancy is also going to get married to Baron in March. They made the anouncement last night. They are the second couple to get married this year. Scooter and Oz got married in a beautiful ceremony January 1st. I wish both couples the best.

Guess I'd better go and check on the cats to make sure they are warm and not trying to get into the house. Stay warm and keep Austin and Fancy in your prayers. "Die, cancer, die arooooooooooo" Ladybug

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